Unique Smart Grid designed for emerging economies.

Amiar Smart Meter is the first long range radio communication meter. It was specifically designed to build the most important Latin American Smart Grids.



Jumps between meters

Equipment can be installed

in any location

Save effort and energy since pilot study by installing Amiar in:

■ New users
■ Meters that need to be replaced

■ Discontinue service to debtors
■ Cut-off warning and service interruption for a few minutes

■ Users with difficult access to measure directly

Real time location control

In only one year, the Energy Supplier builds its Smart Grid…

Thousands of Amiar meters working as network diagnostics, distributed in all the area of the Supplier.

The network in all sites allows:
  • Cutting off and reconnecting service to debtors
  • Injecting user’s energy to the network
  • avoiding legal conflict with electricity-dependent users
  • Reducing reparation time
  • Preventing maintenance to the network
  • Measuring remote meters of users with difficult access/li>

Amiar Smart Meter

First long range radio communication meter.

Main technical features
  • Precise measure. Active and reactive class 1
  • Four-quadrant metering
  • Measurement of active, reactive and apparent power (historical and instant)
  • Measurement of tension, current, frequency, potency factor (historical and instant)
  • Energy consumption and generation
  • Fraud detection (anti-tampering)
  • Disconnection and reconnection relay (up to 60A)
  • Event and audit registry
  • Data display screen
  • IrDA local communication (DLMS protocol)
  • Wireless Mesh Communication (remote data access and relay activation)
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“Switching to renewable energy isn’t just the best choice. It’s our only option.”


Amiar is the business unit of Deitres Group, dedicated to give solutions to energy distribution.

Where do we work?

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China   – Production

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